jan 11


Had a strange sensation today paging through The New Yorker. I came across the Howard Dean article and briefly thought to myself, "This is pretty long; I should print it for later." Of course, I was holding the magazine in my nimble fingers. Then, quickly realizing my folly, I thought, "Maybe I can rip the pages out for later." Mind-boggling, isn't it?... how spoiled we've become.


 Emily Nussbaum chases around some high school Live Journalers for the Times Mag: My So-Called Blog.

 New York Post scribbles something up about belle de jour, the blog of a London call girl. (Locally, we have Pussy Ranch.)

 Red Herring interview with the CEO of Netflix.


 I'm thrilled to constantly discover myself in a new demographic. This week, it's Quirkyalone. There's a book, a quiz, a website, and way-too-long newspaper stories.


 For the price of about $1 per CD, RipDigital will turn your entire CD library into MP3 files.

 We deserve our own wretched fate. Silly Saddam as Outkast animation.


 What is the single worst piece of punctuation? Some might say the exclamation point, but according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the colon is the enemy.

 Tina Brown in the Washington Post on Donald Trump: The Real Reality Show: An '80s Survivor. And The Minor Fall, The Major Life translates it.

 The Economist: Babel's children.

 Bloggers interviewing people is becoming more popular. Zulkey interviews Joel Stein. The Morning News interviews Jonatham Letham.


 A super excellent photographic tour of The Replacements' Minneapolis.

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