jan 13

all news is local news


 Sure to top blogdex any second: I'll Have You Know I Have Several Black Friendsters.

 Huh, that's what she looks like. The Today Show interviews Emily Nussbaum after her NYT story on kid bloggers.


 Bush In 30 Seconds winner announced. Drudge has quotes from the awards show (which -- gush, gush -- included Julia Stiles). The plan is to air the spot during the Super Bowl.

 Chuck spots that Post story accusing Howard Dean staffers of being lame, and provides video proving the contrary.


 Crazy shit: Jay "Bright Lights, Big City" McInerney is apparently a contender for the open NYT food critic position that William Grimes left behind. Good shit: The Kicker imagines what his first column would be like.


 Those new Smart Watches are available on Amazon. See also: MSN Direct. I'd buy one if two things changed: 1) I could use AIM instead of MSN Messnger and 2) I could get email instead of my calendar.


 If you've ever felt out of the loop on academic talk (especially since Lingua Franca bit the dust [and the freelance staffers got sued]), you'll want to follow this thread. Taking off from the Times story (and New Left Review article) of Franco Moretti's modest proposal to make literary scholarship more mathematical, Ftrain pens Tufte vs. Bloom. More to come, I'm sure...


 Go buy whatever is left of Grand Royal. Current Bid: $0.

 Great, as if Kurt & Courtney weren't enough, the theories are already flying that Elliott Smith's girlfriend killed him. Details on why.


 Holy fucking zen arcade, Bob Mould has a blog.

 Yo, want your music to be the theme of the new light rail? Sign up!

 Suicide Girls have a burlesque tour? Apparently so. They're at First Ave Feb. 21. Gotta go, just to see who goes. I wonder if it'll be as good as Le Cirque Rouge de Gus.

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