jan 15



 Get Your War On, the Mars edition.

 Let the outrage begin. CBS has rejected MoveOn.com's Bush in 30 Seconds ad from airing on the Super Bowl.

 New media/politics blog from CJR: The Campaign Desk.

 Salon gets more survival money, this time from Jann Wenner (who also recently was inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame).

 Ya know, I thought Dennis Miller was an idiot before he went on a mission to prove it.

 Interesting story about a Sims Online newspaper and how the First Ammendment is or is not recognized in virtual spaces.

 Yahoo launched a News Search. The advanced search is nicely granular.

 Posting for a decade-late personal dream job: Mad Magazine Senior Editor.



 Brains, yum.


 Ever wonder who's behind Von Dutch? Me either, but I'm glad to know he's a dickhead.


 Warp Records releases catalogue on MP3.


 I rather like that trailer for the Stepford Wives remake and the Battle of Algiers re-release showed up the same day. (If it plays in your market, run-don't-walk to Battle of Algiers. It's one of my top 10 favorites of all time.)

 Vote for the Top 10 films of 2003 on Film Comment and enter a contest for $200 in Criterion DVDs.


 City Pages tears into Lileks' Bleat, which I'm always surprised anyone is reading.

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