jan 26

i like ****ing

Will. Not. Link. To. Dean. Parody.
Or. Outkast. Parody.
Will not.
Good boy.
We're back on the air, America.


 Kill Bill Vol. 2 trailer is all meta.


 VH1 has a new show called Best Show Ever that's like The Daily Show. Or something. The blog is better.


 Amy Sedaris interviewed in Onion A/V Club.

 Amy's Robot has audio of Thomas Pynchon's "appearance" on The Simpson's last night.


 Totally old news, but gotta catch up from last week: Wonkette is to DC politics as Gawker is to NYC media. Ana Marie Cox is the editor, so it should be a good.

 Amazon is doing presidential campaign contributions. NPR story. Includes contributions raised through the service: Dean, $3,042.25; Kerry, $6,560.00.

 Times Mag finally addresses copyright.

 From AOL/Time, one of those candidate matching tools.


 Google enters social software scene with Orkut and MyYahoo adds an RSS aggregator.

 The guy who pretty much invented Winamp, Shoutcast, and Gnutella oddly chooses Rolling Stone to finally accept an interview. (Update: It looks like he just quit AOL.)


 No wonder I like fucking.

 HowWasShe.com. Exactly what you'd think. Let the controversy begin.

 Neil Strauss must be slumming it. He's in the Times Style section talking about sleazy pickup artists.

 If Ikea were a videogame.


 Best. Thread. Ever. I like "Rough Guide to Italian Hip-Hop" and "Rough Guide to Harpsichord Pop."

 A headline that seems like is should've been written about 2.8 zillion years ago: Steve Albini interviews Mission of Burma.


 All the hanger-ons are now gonna be pestering us as Dara praised our favorite hang-out, Psycho Suzi's, last week.

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