feb 3

courier is the new black


 Lost In Translation came out on DVD today.


 U.S. State Department ditches Courier in favor of Times. Which means they'll adopt Verdana in 20 years.


 I kept hearing the Super Bowl streaker had a website written on his body, but could never find which one. Finally, a photo. Stupid gambling site which brags about it here.

 Historical look at nudity on television.


 Steven Johnson's post about Howard Dean's demise is one of those little succinct moments in the blogosphere where the right opinion is heard and the words echo in a way as important as a NYT op-ed. Or maybe that's the problem? Shirky has one too.


 Chuck interviewed at Gothamist. Best line of many: "I think the bars should stay open later, and I think there should be more people blogging about the media. Oh, and people should be generally crazier." (See previously, killing small people with Chuck.)


 Brooke says Broken Saints is being turned into a DVD.


 Li'l G n' R: First Ever Guns 'n Roses Kids Tribute Band. I hear Michael Jackson wants to play with Slash again. Rim-shot!

 New Beastie Boys album in June.

 Jeff Tweedy, poet.

 That new Stereolab is album is getting their best reviews in years. Pitchfork even gave it a meteoric 7.6.

 Britney little sister's blog is surprisingly like Billy Corgan's blog.


 New "most popular articles today" link at CityPages.com.

 Read the story about KSTP using Ed Asner as a pitch man? Funny.

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