feb 17

shake it like a polaroid

You think that fat dead Atkins guy lost 21 grams when he died? Ba-dum-dum. On with the show:


 The American Library Association site is selling posters of celebs holding books. Way too many to name, but just a few: Weird Al (Stephen Hawking), Julia Stiles (David Sedaris) Bill Gates (Hemingway), and Britney (Harry Potter). Oh hell, Christina Ricci, put down The Fountainhead before you hurt someone!


 Jenny's Phone Number [867-5309] up for sale on eBay. Current price: $200,100. Yipe.

 Gothamist interview with my own personal heartache, Lizzy Spiers. Low Culture: the stapler.

 Gum Blondes.


 The WB has cancelled Angel. RenewAngel.com spings up.

 Surprisingly strong "future of search" piece in WashPost. It gets into some of the ideas of Bayesian Machine Learning, also discussed in many places including last month's MIT Tech Review's 10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Your World.

 Friends is the most over-rated comedy ever.

 Season 2 of Six Feet Under on DVD finally announced.


  How do I know summer is coming? Cuz the new Wilco is here soon.

 Backflip. Edson covers The Darkness.

 Polaroid FAQ on "shaking it like a Polaroid picture."

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