feb 19

mr. big

Fair warning: if Carrie doesn't choose Mr. Big, I'm so killing myself.


 WordSpy now a book.

 It's a fine day for the English language. A semicolon saved gay marriage.


 Can you plagiarize someone's life? If so, The Onion has mine again. Just to be audacious, they even datelined here.


 The Segway: losing zillions of dollars...

 ...on the other hand, NutsForTrucks.com is not.

 Buy Janet's nipple shield at... Janetsnipperling.biz.


 Slate: How Does Sweeps Week Work?


 Perhaps the greatest movie of all time, Blow-Up came out on DVD this week. (If you've been to my house, you've drank Wet Rexxxies under the ostentatiously red poster.) So did The Tibetan Book of the Dead narrated by Leonard Cohen (!?), but I really have no idea how good that is.

 Coming not-so-soon: The Simpsons, the movie.


 I find myself using Google's "Search by Location" page more and more often lately.


 This is not a John Kerry / Jane Fonda photograph.


 A very large collection of drum solos.

 New video from Michel Gondry is all stop-motion knitting.

 Joey Ramone action figure. Vinyl, of course.


 The hell? The Times is writing about hip churches in Minneapolis? Hey you kids, get outta my yard!

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