mar 1

best boob job

I officially apologize to the 2,325 of you who I tried to convince to go to SXSW this year. I can't go. Just not enough time (like you can't tell by the lack of updates here). Don't hate me, cuz I still luv you.


ILM thread: Summarise a Novel in 25 Words. Anyone else notice that ILM is sorta like MetaFilter circa 2000? Yes, I mean it's good.

Neal Pollack lecture offered via Salon/MediaBistro: The Professional Satirist's Guide to the Perfect Orgasm.

Back home in academia, Naomi Wolf has outted Harold Bloom as "sexually encroaching" on her when she was a student at Yale.

We always knew Orson Scott Card was a conservative, but we never really cared. I mean, some of my best friends are... anyway, now he's writing nasty editorials on this blog. Mel Gibson, on the other hand... well, he's just a fascist.

Huh, The Times reviewed the new Jason Blair book.


Sex Advice From Liz Phair over at, wherein Eddie Murphy is quoted.


It's well known that journalists are pilfering bloggers 24-7, but particular funny case is the blogger Brian Storms writing a parody about an that the Chicago Tribune picked up by accident (correction).


That Urban Outfitters Voting Is For Old People t-shirt everyone is talking about. Well, sorta.


Mom sent me an article about North Dakota's shrinking population.

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