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Think Global, Browse Local

All local links today. The key:
 = Not Scary
 = Scary
 = Extremely Scary

 I had no idea Big Brother lived next door. Visionics is a Twin Cities-based company that is developing face-recognition software being used to match your face against police mugs. Apparently, their software, FaceIt, was going to be used in British Borders Bookstores.

 In other freakishly local news, have you seen Let's Bowl on Comedy Central? Kottke has an old picture of the famed south Minneapolis bowling alley where it was filmed. I marvel at the The Stardust when I drive by it on my way to my favorite restaurant, but I've never been inside. The show's theme song kicks ass. It's on Sunday nights, so check it out. (More info about the creators.)

 Sursumcorda is the downtown Minneapolis club that went in the place of the lauded Foxfire Lounge. At fist glance the website looks like an interesting place for mixed-media fun, but after you look around a bit, you start to think "middle-aged hipness." I wonder what it says about me that I really want to attend Fray Day next week?

 If you live in the area and haven't seen Lileks' Architectural Tour Of Minneapolis, it's a must. The one of 1950s Fargo might even be better.

 Mid-west right-wing talk-show [three redundant hyphenated descripters] host Scott Hennen of KCNN/WDAY (GF/Fargo) was a guest on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" last week. Here's the audio. Art Bell was also on, and was much more interesting. 

 The 50-Pound Butter PDA Sculpture at the Minnesota State Fair (yes, you heard me right), is up for sale on Ebay (current big: $360).

 Is your neighbor's house valued at more than yours? Type in the address and find out.

 A list of Minnesota blogs.

 Wheh! I didn't get arrested

 I love the Star Tribune Weigh-In graphic at

 Hmmmm... which should I join: The Minnesota Science Fiction Society or The American Institute of Graphic Artists: Minnesota Chapter or MUFON-MN? Yeah, I'm leaning toward UFOs too.

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