aug 29

Return of the Blog

Many of you want to know about the Olympics. Let's talk about that next week, okay? Today, we're here to talk about the new site.

In the half-year that I have been gone, this is what I've been telling myself: "A blog should be organized like I think." Welcome to how I think.

I think in bursts. And then in blurbs. And finally in blobs. Bursts, blurbs, and blobs: that's what we've got here. On the left, you will find daily links -- what you probably came to Fimoc for in the first place. The spot where your eyes are right now will be used to explore topics in greater detail. What topics? Oh, I dunno, here are some ideas on my mind today: "Finger food at work." "How to kill the lad magazine." "The state of midwest parties in post-millennial exuberance." "Michiko, a-baby please don't go!" "Bush Twins vs. Hamm Twins vs. Olsen Twins: It's all meat to me." "Once they all thought they could write novels, now they all think they can be a dot-com entrepreneurs."

And such.

More blog details:

If you're new here, the definition page might help. Or not.

This site is built on my own custom content management system. Blogger and co. just don't give me everything I need.

I've enjoyed Kottke's attempt to mix daily links with daily posts and Anil's notion of the atomic element of the weblog being "the post". I think of this design as a remix of those ideas -- mix the posts and the links, but attempt to do it with more clarity; change the anatomic unit from the post to a temporal unit, "the day". More on that later....

I don't use RSS readers very much. I actually like how blogs look. Gasp, I know. Circumventing the design is like seeing everyone with no clothes on. Yuck. However, if you're of that kinky ilk, this should work.

What kind of a moron would describe his writing as "mitochondria"? One who had a hard time getting out of college because he was determined to get majors in every department.

The rumors of my joining the ranks of paid bloggers are greatly exaggerated.

Many people complained about the white-on-black approach of the last design. I've given up the battle, but I'm holding steady onto the lightly-patterned backgrounds, cuz I think it's purty. If you really can't read it, let me now. Or if it looks like periwinkle, please, dear god, let me know.

Problems viewing? Email me.

Hey, I've missed you! It's good to be back.

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