aug 31



It's not even 24 hours later, and I'm already sick-to-death of talking about the VMAs. But I'll say this: "MIAMI, WE LOVE YOU!" The fuck? No we don't. Miami sucks. It sucks so bad that Matt Drudge and Anne Coulter moved there. MIAMI, WE LIKE YOU ABOUT AS MUCH AS WE LIKE HOUSTON!

Of course the new Bjork officially went on sale today. It's her most challenging album so far. Listen | Buy.


Friendster, the magazine (second item)? C'mon.


Is it true that anything that airs on tv now will eventually show up on DVD?


Engadget interviews Jack Valenti.

One of my favorite sites lately has been, a blog about songs used in tv commercials.


Who's on the new Wheaties box? Phelps, Patterson, Gatlin, and... not Hamm.

The Worthympic Games.


I've heard a lot of people asking lately why alt-weeklies haven't naturally risen to the top of the internet traffic destinations. I think there are many misguided precepts in the question itself, but I will say that The Village Voice's foray into blogging this week is pretty brilliant. "I work as a clothed cocktail waitress at a strip club on Manhattan's far West Side... It's not far from Madison Square Garden and, this week, the GOP convention."

The Bush Twins slideshow is really everything you wanna see at the RNC.


A cool resource site on Warhol's Factory:


The Sound Unseen site launched today. One of the best events of the year.

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