sep 5

labor day weekend


Someone should make a list of the tropes from the Daily Show that have trickled into mainstream media thinking. This Times graphic showing the words Republican and Democratic convention speakers use feels like a less funny version of when John Stewart loops the tape on speakers who repeat the same words repeatedly in a speech.


From last week's Circuits, a profile of Peter Molyneux, the creator of Black and White, who has a new god game called Fable coming out this month.

Jennifer 8. Lee ends a Times story about a Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney with phone numbers flirtatiously exchanged. (Zoinks, check out the strategies of RPS.)


James Wolcott (Vanity Fair media guy) got a blog.


Slate asks the questions I ask myself all day: Which vodka is the best?


Good news for Skype: The Times is talking about you in smart ways. Bad news for TiVo: The Times is talking about you in boring ways.


The director of Garden State (who is also on NBC's Scrubs) is blogging.


New Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's video: Y Control.


Scott Lapatine of is interviewed over at Gothamist.


Have you been to Robot Love yet? Git.

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