sep 10

return of mark mallman


Gizmodo reviews MSNtv, bascially the next generation of WebTV.

Years ago, I edited a newsstand magazine that basically reviewed websites. That genre of publishing sounds a billion years old now, but don't tell the Times Art section, which reviews music websites.

CNet has a follow-up story about the uphill battles a Netflix/TiVo partnership will face.

When I first saw the new BlackBerry, the keyboard totally confused me. Circuits finally explains the mentality behind this unique (and my guess is, ultimately flawed) 20-key keyboard.

Group investigative typography? The controversy that and launched over the 60 Minutes piece (I won't try to explain it -- just go look) is fascinating group-think research even if it seems that most of the people sleuthing this together are complete morons.


New trailer to the Wes Anderson / Bill Murry flick, The Life Aquatic.


Slate reviews graphic novel Persepolis 2 in slideshow format.


CNN Money has a strange slideshow of the animated characters who will appear naked in next month's Playboy.


SF Chroncicle tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Maureen Dowd.


My pal John Lamb wrote a column about blogs this week in which he makes fun of my Amazon Wish List.


If you were at Mark Mallman's crazy 52.4-hour show last weekend, you witnessed one of those little pieces of Twin Cities rock history that will be recounted as often as Prince at First Ave. and Lifter Puller at the Triple Rock. David de Young has a review.

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