sep 13



Nike shows restraint in not touching the Chuck Taylor All-Stars brand, wherein you hear Kurt Cobain was wearing Cons when he committed suicide. Rah, go Nike.


Slate: Inhalable alcohol? Finally, science is really producing products I can relate to.

Research from Nature: Your name increases your sex appeal. (Includes research performed via Hello, my name is Rex....


It was interesting to watch the Sunday morning news shows cover a couple stories that orgininated in the blogosphere. Both's analysis of typograpy (somewhat debunked by DailyKos) and's breaking the news that Ken Jennings lost in Jeopardy were both treated as "a website reported" on numerous instances. Even Reliable Sources glossed over the identity of those sites.


The best point in the Times Mag story on Trump is probably the point about him being a mysterious populist. False consciousness, indeed.

Britney in a "MILF IN TRAINING" t-shirt. This girl's got longevity written all over her.


Amy's Robot has an MP3 of Dave Eggers interview on Conan last week.

Ana Marie Cox reviews the new Kristin Gore novel for the Times Book Review. We learn that Gore had writing gigs at SNL and Futurama. Which is impressive, but I saw her on Letterman last week, and she came off ditzy and clueless to irony or nuance. Ms. Cox delivers zingers though: "God knows, an astringent romantic satire is long overdue in a town where work is foreplay and the vibrating object in a couple's bed could easily be a two-way pager."

Locus: a bunch of sci-fi writers (Cory Doctorow, Pat Murphy, Kim Stanley Robinson, Norman Spinrad, Bruce Sterling and Ken Wharton) in a roundtable about the future.


Huh, it looks like Yahoo is going into consumer electronics. Sounds to me like a bad move.


R.E.M. has an audio stream of the first single from their next album, Around The Sun: "Leaving New York".

ONLINE "I'm a twenty-something New York escort. I love Prada, Seven jeans, and Jimmy Choos." I really gotta make up an identity and cash in with a book deal.


Did you know there was a local version of (NPR story)? I may just try it out.

Apparently the PiPress is making some big structural changes, including something called "Speed Read" and a daily A&E section. By the way, my old friend Ross Raihala is the new music writer there. You can see his work popping up here.

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