sep 14



Choose your pop culture comparison: 1) The best part about Fontgate (© LostRemote) is that it forces publications like the L.A. Times to extensively quote an anonymous blogger named Buckhead. Not quite as cool as Deep Throat, but almost. 2) The best part about Fontgate is that the plot itself is a forgery! The denouement is stolen directly from Jagged Edge, starring Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges.


Slate: A guide to the language of reality TV.


Google search jackpot: "index of /mp3"

The Thrills were the best band that no one listened to last year. Here are a couple MP3s from their new album, Let's Bottle Bohemia.

Stereogum has an MP3 clip of Britney's cover of "My Prerogative," which is coming out soon and might be the make-or-break moment for "new Britney."

Yahoo refuses to learn its lesson (I will forever blame you-hoo for making Mark Cuban rich and famous). The company bought MusicMatch.


How You Might Explain The Olsen Twins To A Martian. I dunno, I laughed.


Minnesota RollerGirls. They're recruiting.

New Yorker has a strange story about a Minneapolis man who donated money to the city of New York and then died.

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