sep 21

slash dot com

TECH CONSUMPTION is brilliant. Every day, one (and only one) piece of gadgetry goes up for sale. The price is slashed low because of a set volume that will be sold. The gadget only stays available until supplies run out. It's a little like Amazon's Gold Box... (Nerdy Tidbit To Impress Friends: "Woot" is an elision of the Dungeons and Dragons phrase "Wow, Loot!")

My biggest gripe about is the lack of benefits given to high-volume users. I order probably $100 of stuff per week off (yes, I even get food and soap and razor blades delivered to me), but I get no special discounts for my repeat visiting. This week, however, after Amazon beefed up its search engine, the company started offering something called ?/2%. This crazy little gimmick gets you one-half Pi percent (1.57%) off everything if you're a user. This is somehow both crazy and cool at the same time.

Non-surprise of the day: Google is working on their own web browser.

Sidekick II review at Engadget.


It looks like the first single from the new Fatboy Slim album is called "Slash Dot Slash." That sounds sorta, well, ya know, internety. Here's a video.

Does anyone really care if Nellie McKaye is fibbing about her age?


McSweeney's: 20 Under-Used Yoga Positions.


New Wiki timeline from Dave Sifry chronicling weblogs having an impact on politics.

The Minor Fall, The Major Lift has left the building, and we never even figured out who the author was.


Gobs of media fodder in the transcript from Jon Stewart's appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.

John Kerry's Top 10 List from Letterman: Top 10 Bush Tax Proposals. [See also, in Time: 10 Questions for Jon Stewart.]


Russ Meyer has died.


Parker Posey, what the fuck is wrong with you? Blade 3? Christ.


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