sep 24

late friday


It's so cool that I actually own the t-shirt causing someone to get sued.


Matchbox Twenty Finally Finishes Watering Down Long-Awaited New Album.


OJR analysis about how Google News' robots compare to Yahoo News' editors for political bias.

Funny Onion Kitty Kelley graphic.

Daily Jon Stewart link (plus another t-shirt I need).

Everyone I know will make fun of me for this, but I'm gonna come out and say it: I like Tina Brown's CNBC show. You probably think I mean that ironically or something. But seriously, I really think Topic [A] can be brilliant in a way that, say, Charlie Rose can't be. Anyway, her most recent Post column is perfect example of great and preposterous at the time.


American Public Media (that crazy new name for what used to be MPR Productions) has a new program called Pop Vultures starring our very own Kate Sullivan. Peter did a CP story about it.

Earlier this week, the Strib had a story about a local dot-com called They somehow make millions of dollars giving away screensavers. (The "somehow" is that you have to agree to being spammed to get the screensaver. So much for Minnesota Nice.)

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