sep 28

bundled freebies


Next month's Wired will come bundled with a CD with 16 songs that can be freely copied, distributed, and remixed by other artists. It will include Beastie Boys, Le Tigre, David Byrne, My Morning Jacket, Paul Westerberg, Cornelius, Matmos, and others.

Last week, intrepid Waxy posted The Kleptones' A Night at the Hip-Hopera, a mashup of Queen and early rappers like Grandmaster Flash. You might have guessed it would get the same controversial attention as Danger Mouse's "Grey Album," and you might be right.

Streaming at VH1: Shatner's new album, with Ben Folds.

You Have Bad Taste In Music Dot Com. Funny vids.


McSweeney's: Maxim Does The Classics. (See also, same place: David Brooks parody.)

Gothamist: Interview with a Scrabble Pro.


Will Olsen Twins t-shirts ever become passé? No! 'I Went Down on Mary-Kate'. 'I Fucked The Olsen Twins... Before They Were Famous'. Will they suffer a similar fate?

Dolly Parton wants breast reduction. You mean those were fake?

Fleshbot says there's another Paris Hilton video out there.


Trailer to Bridget Jones sequel.

Low Culture on making the heart for I ? Huckabees.


I guess I can't say for sure if someone stole my comment in the essay to the right about The Sims for this comic. But it surely seems close.

Found on eBay: a 300GB harddrive. So? It has 273G of DVD porn. Maybe Best Buy could learn from this tactic.


Interview with James Walcott in Salon.

Some Wonkette party gossip in the Post.

Will The Post buy


Chuck Statler is pretty much the father of the modern rock video. He has worked with Devo, Prince, The Cars, Styx, Graham Parker, Stan Ridgway, and Elvis Costello. He lives in Minneapolis, and there's a retrospective of his work coming up at Sound Unseen. CP profiles him.

Grandpa Coleman gets all grumpy about blogs this week. "Bloggers are hobby hacks, the Internet version of the sad loners who used to listen to police radios in their bachelor apartments and think they were involved in the world."

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