oct 8



I wish I had gone to Web 2.0. There is so much commentary out there about it right now, but here are two things: MP3 of Lessig's Free Culture presentation and MP3 of the media panel with CNet, NYTimes.com, Tivo, etc.

Online Journalism Awards finalists announced. I'll be in L.A. on Nov. 11-14 for the conference.

Query Google by SMS. Girls that I meet at bars are now open game.


It's so sad that someone had to come along and make Trump look smart. Mark Cuban is such a moron, as proven with his interview with OJR. I think Jarvis said it best: "I understand why the world pays attention to Paris Hilton. I don't understand why the world pays attention to Mark Cuban." In other news, EW reports that ABC screwed up and revealed the winner of The Benefactor.


New trailer: The Machinist.

Casting call: Bad News Bears remake, starring Billy Bob Thornton and directed by Richard Linklater.

UPDATE: Team America got an R rating.


Is Bush Wired Dot Com?

Debate Spotter (debate phrase search engine) udpated to include veeps.


"L is for Loser" (Abercrombie & Fitch story).


It's an old story, but it's the first time I saw it: Starbucks and Jim Beam to brew alcoholic coffee concoction.


Jen, "an online magazine for (Mormon) teens and adults."


Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather on Fresh Air.


Whooooaaaaa. First Avenue has been served an eviction summons.

Bookslut says that Dylan Hicks' story "Why Is Slot A Mortal Sin" is "one of the best book-related pieces I've read in a long time" and calls City Pages "America's best alternative newsweekly."

AP interview with Paul Westerberg.

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