oct 18

rex cries after he ejaculates


What if Donald Trump moderated a presidential debate...?

Falaphilia Dot Com.

Rumors On The Internets Dot Com


Nick Denton is getting into film? According to the New Yorker, he's releasing Ed Wood's Necromania under something called Fleshbot Films.


WaPo Styles on The Life Of The Party.

NYT Styles on the success of He's Just Not That Into You.


After three episodes, I still haven't decided if Desperate Housewives is a lame suburbanization of Sex and the City or a campy send up from the John Waters set. Anyway, it's crazy to hear the show is losing advertisers because of controversial content. (Best line from tonight's episode: "Rex cries after he ejaculates." I kid you not.) See also, in Variety: Get me some housewives, dammit!

Can Arrested Development save the sitcom?

Can TiVo save sports?

This could be good: Flow, a Critical Forum on Television and Media Culture.


Dude, this is rad. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as performed by GW Bush. Someone has sampled speeches so that he sings virtually every lyric from the U2 hit.

Alex Balk (of defunct TMFTLM) does the Times Playlist.


William Gibson is blogging again.

One of the great books blogs, MobyLives is back after a long hiatus.

Hpill is Gawker for the United Arab Emirates. Wow, the internet is cool.

Wrist Fashion is a web magazine that publishes the latest news, trends and products from the wristwatch industry.


Comparing the Bush Cheney and Kerry Edwards logos.


I Love Bees game a Surprise Hit.

"Les Seules, a Swedish septuplet that doesn't play instruments. They play competitive video games." (AP story.)

Massive Inc., "the world's first video game advertising network."


Post-Derrida, The Times drives the nail into the coffin of theory. I've been out of academia too long to be able to adequately respond, but here is my problem with this euology: it misses how Big-T Theory has really resituated itself as small-t theory, which is a conquest in its own right. In other words, didn't theory really just win the cultural war?

Various writers (from Richard Dawkins to JG Ballard to AS Byatt) respond to Derrida's death in The Guardian.


Looks like the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists have their own website. The Creative Electric show is pretty amazing.

In its profiles of swing states, Slate writes about Minnesota today: The only state to oppose Reagan flirts with conservatism.

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