oct 22

long week

Sorry I've been gone for a few days. It was a busy week on the homefront. Interpol played a good show on Tuesday; I spoke at the MIMA Summit on Wednesday; the single best design-cum-politics event anywhere was on Thursday. Leaving aside my personal life speaking only about local events, this has been the best Fall. Every day has something cool going on. Bite me, New Yawkers.

We have a lot to get to today:


Bush & Kerry live together... as Sims.

Blood relatives of Bush unite for Kerry: Bush Relatives For Kerry Dot Com. (Back story.)

Reason collects answers to the question "Who's Getting Your Vote?" from a diverse set of people including John Perry Barlow, Drew Carey, Nat Hentoff, Penn Jillette, P.J. O'Rourke, Camille Paglia, Louis Rossetto, Glenn Reynolds, Jack Shafer, R.U. Sirius, Andrew Sullivan, Eugene Volokh, Matt Welch, and Robert Anton Wilson. Some surprising answers.

Results of the Nerve.com sexual/political poll, which answers such important questions as "There are two spots left in your hot tub: Do you invite the Bush twins or the Kerry daughters?"


Mark Cuban's Benefactor was quietly cancelled (thank. fucking. god.). But Trump, who wrote Cuban a letter, ain't letting it disappear so easily.


Franz Ferdinand Ring Tones.

Three more music director videos are coming. The first directors were Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry. The second set will be Mark Romanek, Jonathan Glazer and Anton Corbijn.

A certain Klosterman fellow sorta reviews the new Wilco album in City Pages. (Wherein you learn Chuck and Jeffy Tweedy both like -- ugh -- Jet. Right, right, I don't like Jet because I'm a hipster.)

Now, this is rock 'n roll! A one-week cruise with Journey, Styx, and REO Speedwagon: RR Holiday Escape.

Pitchfork gives the new Le Tigre a 3.3 and EW dissed the "I'm So Excited" cover this week. This really disapoints me.


Boy-oh-boy, Tina Brown's new website is lame.


I ♥ The Internets.


The Book Spoiler Dot Com. "The ending to these books will be revealed!"

Neal Stephenson does the Slashdot interview. Good.

John Le Carre hates Bush.


Fleshbot Films has an Amazon storefront. Anyone wanna guess what future titles will be?

Gibson reports on his blog that Pattern Recognition might become a Peter Weir film.


This turned up on my Amazon Associates list of things purchased through this site: The Complete A**hole's Guide to Handling Chicks. Is this my audience?


As noted here last month, O'Reilly is getting into magazine publishing with Make, but now there's a Wired News story.


Waxy on the highs and lows of viral marketing.


Wal-Mart nixes the Daily Show book.

I looked everywhere in the Sunday Times for something about the Jon Stewart / Crossfire battle. It took them five days to finally get to it, though.


One of those things you only know about me if you know me offline: I have no sense of smell. (It's a long tragi-comic story, but I lost it in an accident about six years ago.) I just noticed the Times Mag has a column by a woman who lost her smell, and the process by which she regained it. Looks like I have a winter project ahead of me.


Terry Eagleton responds to the "bone-headed."


It's Melissa's fault that I've been watching America's Top Model, but I just found out that Nicole is from... Minot, ND. Impossibly, her bio lists herself as "former punk rocker." The kids who knew her (of which I am not one) are talking about her here.

Can you imagine writing this next sentence in 1994? Billy Corgan will be reading at The Loft today. (I wonder if I can get him to say "Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.")

If you live in Northeast (or visit that hidden NE Grumpy's), you've probably met Tom Taylor, the Green party candidate for that district's state house rep. CP profiles him.

Ever wonder why all your friends are leaving Uptown for Northeast. For reasons like this.

If you missed it, a few Pioneer Press reporters were suspended for going to a Springsteen concert. Weird.

Wired's Great River Road Tour is in Wisconsin now.

Just when you thought the film festivals were slowing down, here comes Get Real, City Pages' documentary festival.

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