nov 1


Several hundred people didn't even get my Halloween costume. Oh well. Here's me and the roomies about to go out. (From left to right, that's a Spam Filter [Rex], the Kill Bill Bride [Melissa], and Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA [Marissa].)


What are they teaching these kids at j-school? I cannot believe that Wonkette visits Columbia Journalism School, but not one of these budding journalists asks about the visible tattoos on her arm. Transcript with pics. (See also: WaPo chat transcript with Ana Marie. And during her appearance on Tina Brown's show again tonight, it occurred to me why I like her so much: she talks in the same fast-and-reckless way I do. I'm serious.)

NYT Sunday Styles has a story on, the "#1 Christian porn site," which has computer applications that try to dissuade you from viewing online porn. There was also apparently a documentary made about them too.

Greg Allen does a NYT timeline about Nick Nolte's Diary.


Desperate Housewives was the most-recorded show on TiVo last week.

Video of SNL's "TV Funhouse" from this week: John McCain Supporting Bush.

I was wondering if I was the only one who thought the Donald Trump voice-overs in The Apprentice board room were totally screwed up. MSNBC reports others have noticed.


Steven Johnson announces his new book, Everything Bad Is Good For You, with a working subtitle right now of "Why Today's Pop Culture Is Making Our Kids Smarter." Looks good.

Looks like R. U. Sirius has a new book, Counterculture Through the Ages. Plus blog.



Rather than merely endorse a candidate, has everyone on staff endorse a candidate, right down to the Wine Writer and Software Development Engineer.



New preachy Le Tigre video: "New Kicks".


After the Vice President of the National Taxidermy Association's Board of Directors wrote to Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists, Creative Electric is getting a ton of attention right now in the blogosphere. Boing Boing even linked to it. (More: CP profile and t-shirts.)

City Pages will be doing a live election night blog:

Just a few blocks from my house, on the corner of Franklin and Hennepin, there's a new billboard that says something like "Your election homepage:" Could this be the first time we've ever seen a media dot-com exclusively advertised in our fair city?

In the Times Mag this week, the cover story (about faith in the workplace) opens with a story from the Riverview Community Bank in Otsega, MN.

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