nov 3



Harper's: A reader's guide to expatriating. Z'actly.


When I saw the news that Postal Service was going to become a spokesperson for their namesake, of course I jumped up and down exclaiming, "Brilliant! All government agencies should do this!" 50 Cent could promote the Treasury Department, AC/DC and Midnight Oil could could snag the Energy dudes, Men at Work gets Labor, Tool could sure help out the Agriculture Department, TV on the Radio could assist Michael Powell at the FCC, and the Defense Department would have a line around the block: Megadeth, B-52s, Slipknot, Massive Attack, and about a half the bands on the Warp Tour. This could go on forever, so let's just end with this one: that fucker from Bush could promote that fucker in the White House.


My readers are always asking, "Rex, what's the best show on tv?" And when I tell them I like Tina Brown's show, I never hear from them again. But seriously, the best new show this season isn't Lost, isn't Desperate Housewives, isn't Real World 15 -- it's Veronica Mars on UPN. Last night's episode used the school election concept to completely spoof our silly little electoral process, all while making reference to The Smoking Gun and using Photoshop to solve crime. Finally, something to replace Buffy.


Tarantino's next film will be entirely in Mandarin.

Trailer to Alexander. And trailer to the new Almodovar, Bad Education.


This is so random, but whatever: preview pic of Lindsey Lohan in Herbie: Fully Loaded.

L.A. Weekly hangs out with Miss Iran contestants.

Many pics of Avril Lavign dressed up in a Hooter's outfit.


Entertainment Weekly this week shipped a separate music rag, Listen To This, which previously had been a bound insert. Best part: Otto The Bus Driver's (from The Simpson's) "Gotta Have" list in the back. Worst part: Endless stock photos, and a 12-page gift guide.

NYT: Le Tigre show review.

Simon Reynolds profiles DFA in The Voice.


Profile of Modern Drunkard.


You can fuck over my country, but you gotta close my club on the same goddamn day?

What, you don't believe me that the fascist are winning? Back home, they're demolishing Ralph's too.

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