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Rex Sorgatz

Idea: a chain of popup stores. (I don't know what it even means, but it seems like everything is now either a chain or a popup store.)

nov 7

ocean's 12


James Surowiecki brilliantly outlines the decline of brands in Wired.



Another cool media mapping application: 10x10. Here's how it works. (See previously: Newsmap.)


The upcoming season of Six Feet Under will be its last.

L.A. Weekly raves about Veronica Mars too, comparing it to Buffy, Raymond Chandler, Twin Peaks, and The O.C.


The reviews for Halo 2 are starting to appear on MetaCritic.

Slate asks Why Aren't Video Games Funny?


Look familiar? (No, it's not the Jesusland one you've seen a million times already.)


Ocean's 12 trailer.


New on Technorati: Top MP3s.

Bret Michaels (yes, of Poison) has a country album out with a song that's in Country's Top 40.

What should we do with this trend where a musician puts together a mixed tape of their favorites songs? Should this be a saleable product? I own ones by Tricky and Morrissey. The other day, I noticed one of the dorks (I say that affectionately) from Grandaddy has one too. Lots of samples on the neat website.


Decent NYTBR this week, with David Foster Wallace putting Borges on the couch.


Blogumentary was a quite a success. Chuck posts some pics from the premiere.

Ed Schultz has a book out. Who's he? He's an increasingly-famous former-conservative-turned-progressive talk show host outta Fargo. I was interviewed on his show a few times back in the college days.

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