nov 13

ONA: Friday Party


Have you ever gone to one of those house parties where you look around the joint wondering "Who owns this place?" That's what the party was like last night, at which I believe there were zero staff. Or at least I couldn't find them -- maybe they were actually the sloshed hotties in the pool.

Post-party, en route to the bar, Wonkette passed by. I did a quick 180 and shuffled toward the elevator bank, where she was headed. Sliding in just as the doors were closing, I quickly realized I was in a packed elevator, and trying to start a conversation was going to be embarrassing. I mumbled a few words to her, she mumbled a few words back. She looked tired, so I left her alone.

Funny, here I am in Hollywood, and if Jennifer Aniston walked by, I would hardly care enough to give her the once-over glance. But if our favorite internet media starlet happens to sashay by -- that's completely a different story.

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