nov 17



Malcolm Gladwell on Intellectual Property in the New Yorker.

A couple weeks ago, I talked about the troubles I had with Kelefa Sanneh's critique of rockism in the Times. This week, Matthew Wilder writes his own excellent response in City Pages. This whole thing is a great conversation that reminds me of the good parts of '90s rock crit. (And nice work to Missy Miss Roommate for pushing this kind of work into the paper.) See also: ILM Thread.

Boston Globe: How 'Dungeons' changed the world.

Steve Rubel proposes that bloggers should be the "Time People of the Year."

It's almost endearing how the Voice doesn't care that it's always behind on things like this. This week: Derrida obit.


The Gray Video.

Vince Carter banned from using iPod during warmups.

Cool, TV on the Radio wins the Shortlist Music Prize.


The DVD for Broken Saints is out. A great culmination for Brooke and company.


Let the enjoyment cease.


Veiled Conceit, a blog all about New York Times Wedding Announcements. Good.

AdWeek starts a new blog: AdFreak.

You saw the Times story this weekend about dating the blogosphere? To save you the trouble, here's the author's blog, the guy's blog, and the other girl's blog. It's all kinda dumb in soap opera way, yet accurate in pinpointing some new nuances that blogging introduces to dating. (I've got a story or two to tell you too. Someday.)


McSweeney's: On The Utility Of Minneapolis-St. Paul As A Base Of Operations For Various Well-Known Superheroes Or Super Teams.

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