nov 23

Picked To Click

Picked To Click, the annual best new local band poll from City Pages, is out. If you're into local (Minneapolis) music, here was my ballot:

  1. The Deaths
  2. Melodious Owl
  3. Spaghetti Western
  4. Olympic Hopefuls
  5. Thunder in the Valley

And the winner is: Olympic Hopefuls.

I wrote the blurb for the third-placer, Melodious Owl.

More local voters here, including my pals and yours, Dave Campbell, Marisa Collins, David de Young, Sonia Grover, Melissa Maerz, Steve Marsh, Ross Raihala, Matt Schmidt, Peter Scholtes, Lindsey Thomas, Karrie Vrabel, Gretchen Williams, and a zillion others.

Here's some miscellaneous local music commentary from the vote-casters.

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2003 Winners: The Monarques
2002 Winners: The Soviettes
2001 Winners: Faux Jean
2000 Winners: Astronaut Wife
1999 Winners: Mason Jennings Band
1998 Winners: The Odd
1997 Winners: Brother Sun Sister Moon

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