nov 30

lots of music


eBay has launched eBay Pulse, which includes information such as "Most Popular Searches" and "Largest Stores" and "Highest Priced Items." Sorta like Google Zeitgeist.


Michael Moore directed a new video for Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World." Watch it.

Spin has an excerpt of Chuck's U2 piece on the site. I like the approach -- taking on the simple question, "Is Bono for real, or is this guy full of shit?"

NY Observer somewhat strangely does a profile of Despite the idiotic NY-centric egoism (Chicago, Pitchfork's home, is described as "far-flung"), it's a good profile of Schreiber (a Minneapolis native) and company. Tidbits: relaunch planned early next year, three people are on the payroll, and reviews only pay around $20.

Times reviews the new Nirvana boxset, With The Lights Out.

David Byrne, blogger.

Free Fiona [Apple] (Dot Com).


A lot of us in the office have been talking about CNN's promo Your Command. Wonkette calls it "Subservient Anchor."

Decent piece about the future of television where it's speculated that the real potential loser or winner in the next generation will be the affiliates.

Safran does a write-up on How To Save CNN.

Another Nick Denton profile, this one in the UK Independent.

The big three (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) are getting into video search.

Wikipedia has launched Wikinews. (Wired News story.)

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