dec 2



Microsoft has launched their version of blogging software: Spaces. Features include mobile blogging and picture sharing. (Video: Demo of Spaces | Interview with Spaces Team.)

Here's something new to play with: Singing Fish A/V Search.


Merriam-Webster Word of the Year: Blog. It's of course added to the 2004 List of Lists.


New York profiles Molly Ringwald.


This is interesting. Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting has published an online Gift Guide that he thinks will be so good, you'll pay $8 for it.

Recently discovered: Versace Barbie | Juicy Couture Barbie.


Trailer to Guerilla, a new documentary on the SLA and Patty Hearst. Looks great. (Voice review.)

Don Knotts plays George Bush in what would make a great real movie.

Waxy asks about the future of movie theaters, and generates some good discussion.


Motley Crue: reuniting.


Mark Glaser (OJR) and Jay Rosen (NYU) do a long thing called The Media Company I Want to Work For.

New blog: Newsblunty, "the blunt news about broadcast journalism."

Just think of the possibilities.


Blogumentary Chuck quit his job at TPT and is going solo. His post about it also details the struggles of the new liberal network INdTV, where he was applying.

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