dec 7

Joe Public: Matthew Barney On The Street

For City Pages this week, I wrote about a topic that I've been poking at for at least a decade: public art.

At first glance, public art seems like such a noble act -- it breaks down the museum walls, it opens up the masses to visual discourse, it creates revolution in the streets!

Or it confuses people.

Which is pretty good too.

The point of entry into the conversation is the new Matthew Barney billboard that you'll find on the corner of Hennepin and 12th in downtown Minneapolis. The billboard advertises nothing -- the Walker has been closed for nearly a year while the renovation finishes up. The work is meant to be interpreted as a solitary piece of art, intermingling with the skyline of vodka ads and local tv personality promos. Let's see what the people think:

City Pages: Medium Cool.

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