dec 13

even more bests

New lists came in fast and furious over the weekend. The List of Bests is filling up quickly, but here's a quick list of some major newbies:

The Year In Ideas from New York Times Magazine.

150 Most Popular Tags from Flickr.

Top News Sites from Newsknife.

Media Web Awards from CBS Marketwatch.

The P.U.-litzer Prizes from Norman Solomon.

Ten Best Movies from Newsweek.

Ten Worst Movies from Newsweek.

Top 10 Games from IGN.

10 Most Fascinating People from Barbara Walters.

Five Best Reality TV Finales from Entertainment Weekly.

The 10 Best Books of 2004 from NYTBR.

Top 50 Albums from NME.

Top 100 Sellers from

The Complete List.

Am I missing one? Email me.

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