dec 15

subservient rex


I believe this is what they call a meme. Remember Subservient Chicken? Sure you do. Okay, check these out:

All takes on the original. Watch it spread...

Found on Amazon: Wonkette T-shirts! Also, it looks like C-SPAN has posted video of her appearance at ONA last month.


Hot for teacher?


New Blogumentary trailer. (Previously: my interview with Chuck Olsen.)

Trailer: The Interpreter, with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.


The NY Observer: Xbox Invades the Bedroom. Gender discussion over Halo.


My house has been obsessed with America's Next Top Model, and tonight Eva won. Yaya was robbed!

The NY Observer asked an eclectic group of media people (including our pal Cory at LostRemote) "What would you do with CBS?"


A Danielson Family movie?


On The New Goth. Uh-yeaaaaah.


Art Forum Diary, which describes as "an art world reality TV show, where the magazine's editors and contributors compete for the Walter Benjamin-inspired title of Greatest Flaneur." Yum!


Peter's always-excellent Local Music Yearbook is out on City Pages. Dylan wrote the Top 10 Local Albums of 2004. And Melissa did the Top 10 National Albums.

Local radio news: Radio K's "Cosmic Slop" is done, and so is Kate Sullivan's "Pop Vultures."

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