dec 19

dick tucker


Yipe. Tucker Carlson is quitting CNN and moving to MSNBC. (Note: The blog TVNewser gets the scoop first.) has a New Media Timeline (from 1969 to 2004) that would have been much better if there were a single-page version that you could print.


NYT Mag on blogs, privacy, sex, journalism, and identity: Your Blog or Mine? The thesis: "In the age of blogs, all citizens, no matter how obscure, will have to adjust their behavior to the possibility that someone may be writing about them." Perhaps I'm too blithe about this topic, but I rather enjoy a world where everyone is a walking reality tv show.

Here's a story idea for one of you cute little intrepid journalists out there: What ever happened to Apple girl Ellen Feiss? Actually, you could do a whole series of former internet celebs, including Mahir and the Star Wars kid.


Who's the Time Person of the Year? Not bloggers. Of course, plenty more "of the year" action in the constantly growing list.

Guilty pleasure of the week: pics of our favorite home video experts, Paris and Pam, out shopping.


Ursula Le Guin: How the Sci Fi Channel wrecked my books.


Looks like Uma and Travolta do another dance scene somewhere in Be Cool (trailer).


PJ Harvey says she will never play live again. Me either.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" done with Legos.


Apple is working on a cell phone that works with iTunes.

Days after donations to Mozilla fund a two-page ad in the Times, the biz section raves about Firefox.


Dave has posted the Maxim "story" on the Rogue Taxidermists show at Creative Electric.

The news all my friends were talking about this weekend: MPR is launching a new music radio station. Looks like it has all the potential in the world... or it could completely suck. Not sure what to make of this: "Our staff will be hanging out in clubs, searching the Internet, reading the music magazines and streaming music from around the globe to find the best music for you." They've also started a blog.

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