dec 19

All You Need Is Lists

It looks like we will wrap this up at around 350 lists, making '04 a record year for list making. Please email me if you find one that I'm missing.

Here are just a few of the lists to show up in the past week:

The Year In Bad Sex from Salon.

Year In Review from New York Magazine.

People of the Year from Rolling Stone.

Most Annoying People of 2004 from Star.

The Year in Swag from The Onion A/V Club.

Best Webcomics from Web Comics Review.

Ten Best And Worst Unseens Films from Film Threat.

20 Best Videos from Rolling Stone.

10 Best Albums You Didn't Hear from Spin.

Top 10 Albums from me.

Top 10 Albums from Melissa.

The Complete List.

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