dec 26

the long tail


Chris Anderson is turning his much-lauded Wired story "The Long Tail" into a book, with an accompanying blog.

NYT Styles writes about the blog Anonymous Lawyer, yet another fictional blog, but this time with a twist: everyone knows it's fiction, and no one seems to care. I guess that makes it sorta like lawyer fan-fic. Eww.

NYT on creating entertainment websites that subtly promote products. The examples include (Intel/Microsoft), (Alaska Airlines) (Method soap), and Slothmore Institute (Best Buy)

Found on Amazon: Most Wished For.

John Maeda (he of the MIT Media Lab) has a blog.

Wonkette chats with Newsweek.

Time: 10 Things We Learned About Blogs.


It's simply gross how much Best Of ephemera I've consumed in the past month. But I'll give one best Best Award to Best Year Ever, VH1's show that gave its yearly award to "Some Dude". It matches nicely with the assessment of others that 2004 was the year of the little people.


Reason interviews Michael Powell.


Chuck's best work lately has been on reality tv, including his recent NYT Mag reflection on Spalding Gray and Mary-Ellis Bunim.


Good profile from Technology Review, with a glimpse into the future of the company's competition with Microsoft.

Techno Files asks: Is IBM creating the next best search engine based upon artificial intelligence technology?


More mash-ups: The Beastles. (See also: a site aggregating mash-ups.)

An extremely large and intimidating Heavy Metal FAQ.


From the realm of remakes and adaptations, a bunch of new trailers: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Pink Panther, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Blogumentary reviews in Mother Jones.


Of course you heard by now, but Power Line won Time's brand new Blog of the Year award. Any bets this is the first and last time we see this award?

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