dec 27

the last best post

Holy retromania. At least a hundred new "Of The Year" lists showed up over Christmas break. They are all still collected right here, but below are some highlists:

Google Zeitgeist from Google.

Best Films of 2004 from Roger Ebert.

The Year In (Your Catchphrase Here) from NY Times.

Top Six Reality TV Whores from Reality Blurred.

Top Cryptozoology Stories from Loren Coleman.

20 Best Music Videos from Rolling Stone.

10 Greatest Music Videos from RES.

Top 50 Albums from Pitchfork.

10 Best Albums You Didn't Hear from Spin.

Media Person of the Year from I Want Media.

10 Moments In Bad Journalism from L.A. Times.

Best Architecture from Time.

Best Architecture from NY Times.

Best Video Games from Time.

Best Video Games from San Francisco Chronicle.

Top 100 People of the Year from USA Today.

Entertainers of the Year from Entertainment Weekly.

Best Live TV Moments from NY Times.

10 Best TV Show from Entertainment Weekly.

Most Watched & TiVoed from NY Times.

10 Ads You Won't See from Ad Age.

Best Ads from Adland.

The Year in Satire from

Best Comix from Time.

Take 6 from Village Voice.

The Full List.

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