dec 30

all meta


On Gawker today, I played Santa to the celebs of 2004.


Found online: Desperate Housewives T-Shirts. Including I ♥ Bree and Sex in the Suburbs.


Waxy has gathered an amazing collection of first-person videos from the Asian tsunami.

Question posed on Ask.Metafilter: Have you ever dated a Suicide Girl?

Long L.A. Times story on Iraqi bloggers.


Great Future Tense interview (RealAudio) with Matt Thompson about EPIC, a vision of a personlized media source that aggregates newspapers, blogs, and social networks.

Business Week on vlogs here and here. I think we'll see scads of new video bloggers in 2005, and maybe even a celebrity or two arise out of the movement. There's now also Vloggercon 2005.

Terry Heaton on 2005: A Year of Trouble for Broadcasters.

Business 2.0 predictions.


NYT tries to grapple with the age-old newspaper look at MLA by getting all meta about it: Eggheads' Naughty Word Games. Fave paper titles this year: "t.A.T.u. You! The Global Politics of Faux Lesbian Pop" and "'Dude! Your Dress Is So Cute!' Patterns of Semantic Widening in 'Dude'."

Count me (and apparently many others in the media) among those who had no idea Susan Sontag was shacking with Annie Leibovitz for many years.


My pals Ross [Pioneer Press] and Melissa [City Pages] did a great episode of MPR's Midmorning (RealAudio) where they discuss their favorite albums of the year.

Steve Perry Fan Fic. Scary.


This has all sorts of potential: Slanderous Minneapolis, which is basically a "Minneapolis Gawker." The author appears to be anonymous.

In one of those battles you wouldn't mind if everyone dies, Nick Coleman goes after the Power Line guys.

Over at 89.3, it looks like the new station will be doing artist interviews. Could this end up being our own little KCRW?

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