sep 5

Anarchy Monkey

 The first in a three part series the New York Times has planned on Internet privacy: Giving the Web a Memory Cost Its Users Privacy.

 At the intersection of two occasionally brilliant but often idiotic art forms -- Punk Rock and Flash Design -- comes Anarchy Monkey. I can see it now: "Ninety-nine percent of all punk is bad." -- Jakob Nielsen

 I guess V - The Original Miniseries has been out for a couple months on DVD, but I didn't notice until now. I remember being pissed off in grade school that I was going to miss the final episode of V because I had to play saxophone in some dumb school concert. Now, I'll finally be able to see the twin-births. The series that followed was horrible.

 Rhizome has a new logo that never stays the same.

 I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what this Buddha on the webcam that Jerra bought me in Thailand is doing. Why is it holding its balls so cheerfully in the air?

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