jan 24



Think of an object. 20Q.net can usually figure it out in less than 20 questions.

Remember Friendster? Apparently, the site is finally planning to offer new products, though what they are is still unclear. MySpace is already several times bigger than Friendster.

My Yahoo RSS Ticker.

McSweeney's Recommends.

eXeem -- the next generation in P2P -- is out.


Video interview with Salaam Pax.

Howard Kurtz had Ana Marie Cox and Andrew Sullivan on Reliable Sources yesterday. Here's the transcript.


Alright, someone's gotta start a backlash on this viral marketing stuff. For instance, this one appears to be MTV2, this one appears to be TransGlobal Vacations, and this one appears to be GM. I think all of them involve billboards too. Stop it, before you hurt someone!


The Sims is being made into a TV show. They should really get Strangerhood to consult.

Lisa Rein has the Daily Show Inauguration Speech video. (This "Freedom vs. Liberty" comparison came up everywhere last week, from SNL to the New York Times to NPR.)

New on Flowtv.org: interview with Jason Reich, a Daily Show writer.

Lost Remote thread: How Would You Fix CBS News?


New Bjork / Spike Jonze video: "Triumph of a Heart".

Simon Reynold tries to explain why dance music is dying. Even dance music subculture fans will like to see Black Strobe, DJ/Rupture, LCD Soundsystem, Mu, Tiefschwarz, Teamshadetek, and Kiki name-checked in The Times. If you're into that kinda thing, the ILM thread.

If you haven't heard it, you probably should hear Nina Gordon's version of "Straight Outta Compton" (mp3). Refresher: Nina Gordon was in Veruca Salt.

Gawker on Spin's Killers cover: "There's surely someone in North Dakota who has yet to discover these guys."

ILM debates "Southern Man" (Neil Young) vs. "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynard Skynard).


Low Culture on Crispin Glover's new project, What Is It? "The film features a cast consisting largely of actors with Down Syndrome, a snail with the voice of Fairuza Balk, and legendary publisher Adam Parfrey playing 'Jealous Minstrel'." Crispin has either lost it, or he's deeply inspired by Prince Harry.

On eBay: Napoleon Dynamite - Rex's Bad Boy Stars & Stripes Pants.

Robert X. Cringely: The New Mac Mini is All About Movies.


NYT Styles on the GOP-friendly bar that the Bush twins hang at.


I Can't, I'm Mormon (dot-com).

I Stole Brad (dot-com).


I had no idea that taxidermy was so in. First the Creative Electric brouhaha, now NYT Styles on taxidermy art.


89.3 The Current launched today. Audio stream, staff list, and a list of the music played in the last six hours. When I turned it on for the first time, Low's "Radio Transmission" was playing. Good sign.

Slate.com explainer: How Embarrass, Minn., Got Its Name.

Locally-shot short film, Ma Ma's Revenge. Um, weird.

I'm slightly embarrassed to just now find out that local boy Rob Davis is the person behind the NYT Firefox advert. (Discovered this via a Wired mag cover story, not online yet.) Rob was also the creator of BushBoy.com (CP story), Deanie Babies, and Butter Palm. More so than any one else in this city, Rob needs a blog.

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