feb 3

live and local


Chuck has a post about yesterday's Blogumentary screening.


Since everyone else is interviewing Malcolm Gladwell, why not ESPN. Probably the best conversation that I've ever read about the Super Bowl.


Buy Might magazines through the 826 Valencia site.

Strange yet cool Flash thing at BBC: Onelife. You feed your little dancing boy some booze, coke, weed, E, shrooms, or speed -- and then you watch him dance. Pro-drug or anti-drug?


The Absolute Bottom 50 Blogs. #50: MyBlogAboutHowLameIThinkBlogsAre.com

Ikea chat bot.

I've been complaining for a while that Amazon doesn't offer special deals to heavy users of the site -- people who spend, say, a thousand bucks a year there (who you lookin at?). A small step is Amazon Prime, which gives a year of free two-day shipping for $79. (But if this takes away free shipping for the $25+ orders, I'm gonna be pissed off.)

Oh goodie. MSN is launching a gigantic ad campaign for its new search engine. And if you're into that kind of thing, MSN redesigned their homepage -- and it's even using strict XHTML.

In Business 2.0, a profile of eBay's global expansion. Almost half of its business is now from outside the U.S.


Yahoo Japan launched blogs, so you can probably expect it in the U.S. soon.

The Associated Press is starting a blog called Bad Language.

In addition to the all the new blogs, MediaBistro changed their entire front page into a blog.

Wonkette has hung up the typewriter while she finishes her novel. Choire Sicha fills in.


Martha Stewart has been hired by Donald Trump.

Wired's profile of Comedy Central.


For you music journalists who will be interviewing Beck when his new album comes out this spring: The Secret Life of Beck Hansen - A Guide for the Professional Journalist. Who will be the first to get him to talk about Scientology?

The new Index (the one with the real Yoshimi on the cover) has a one-page blurb on Kim Gordon, but the picture of her is priceless.

Coachella lineup announced. Surprisingly '90s.

Audio-Video Mashup of Monkees' "I'm a Believer" and Beatles' "Paperback Writer."

iPoditude.com: The iPod Blog.

The Flickr Song.

Pitchfork: The Top 100 Singles: 2000-04.


Kinda cool 360-degree video. The music is by a band called Two Lone Swordsmen.

Death Cab For Cutie's "Title & Registration".


"The first film to be made from a Don DeLillo script, Game 6, had its premiere at Sundance a couple of weeks ago." More info.

Michael Tortorello reviews the documentary Game Over, which recounts the 1997 Deep Blue versus Gary Kasparov match.

Flashback: trailer to Godard's Maculin, FĂ©minine.

Another maybe-interesting documentary: Inside Deep Throat.


Top brands of 2004. 1) Apple 2) Google 3) Ikea 4) Starbucks 5) Al Jazeera.

Business 2.0's 101 Dumbest Moments and The Smart List.


MediaBistro interviews the legendary Roger Black.


CityPages.com is doing a redesign, and here's a screenshot of what it will look like. Hm, looks busy.

Yo, yo, guess who's blogging. Your mayor (and it's not fake -- PiPress article).

I think I'm on Jim Walsh's side on our new radio station. "Predictably, and sadly, within hours of the station's launch last Monday came the bitching. It wasn't this enough or that enough. It was too soft or too hard. The porridge wasn't just right." My friends like to debate The Current, and that's what I like most about it. Plus, it does things like interview Low.

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