feb 6

it's all about me


Google has added the "Local" tab to its homepage. I'm a heavy user of Google Local, so it's great to see it up front. (Who wants to bet on Video, Print, or Scholar being the next to move to prime time?)


New Calcanis blog: AdJab, from the author of The Media Drop.

Lizzy Spears responds to the cat fight accusations between her and Gawker.

Jay Rosen from Pressthink is the latest blogger writing a media book. Tentative title: Gatekeepers Without Gates.

Ask Jeeves has purchased Bloglines.


In the future, only car companies will make movies. Here's some new crazy thing from Mercury.


Barb's most recent AJR column starts with a story about a guy watching The Apprentice. That guy is me. (Oh yeah, the column is about RSS. It's good.)

Being on a panel with Dan Gillmor last week was pretty cool. His recent post on how to improve editorial pages is a good example of how he's infiltrating newsrooms.

Chris Anderson has an interesting take on abundance economics affecting the notion of objectivity.

I really wanted to go, but couldn't make it to Poynter's Web+10 seminar. Here's a collection of audio clips.


DJs will probably do amazing things with these: John Bonham drum outtakes.

Extremely cool: Band Fonts. Expect all future emails from me to be in the Kix font.

With mixed effects, NYT tries the sociological approach on the Montreal scene, in which you're supposed to feel sorry for Canadians who speak English.


Video of Joe Klein on the Daily Show.

Biz Week has a series of articles on The Future of TV, including one on IPTV.

GoDaddy.com has both the Super Bowl ad they showed and the one that was turned down.

NYT: The L behind The L Word.

A new show from BBC about the media called The Desk has some buzz. The creator of the magazine Wallpaper, Tyler Brûlé, is brains behind the show.


Trailer to a Klaus Nomi documentary.

Cinema Bed. Gimme.


Newsweek: Does Your iPod Play Favorites?

Slate: How to make your iPod an audiophile's dream.

CNET: My iPod beats satellite radio any day.

Salon: Hallelujah, the Mac is back.


Onion A/V talks to Will Wright and Howard Scott Warshaw.

Gamespot reviews Playboy: The Mansion.

Cool video of augmented reality technology.



Today in literature, Sinclair Lewis was born in Sauk Centre.

Anyone visited the Mill City Museum? Completely by accident, I drove by it the other day, and it looks kinda cool. Designed by the local firm MS&R.

If you haven't noticed, the Cesar Pelli library is starting to take shape. BTW, I hear the Walker is reopening in April.

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