feb 10



It seems Pazz & Jop comes out later every year. Everyone knew Kayne would win, but Brian Wilson and Loretta Lynn coming in next was a surprise. Plus Green Day and U2 in the top 10 makes this the most conservative P&J that I can remember. The ballots.

Lessig on Wilco.

Smoosh, a shockingly good indie rock band consisting of two sisters, ages 10 and 12. Album and samples on Amazon. [via Waxy]


Another Beck video: "Black Tambourine". Is he planning to do a video for every damn song on the new album?


Video from Vloggercon is now available.

Salon.com looks closely at 43 Things, which is funded by Amazon.

Friendster added a chatting service (one-to-one chat, like IM). I have no idea if this will save the company, but I suddenly have a bunch of friends using it.


Sirius is trying (and failing) to hook up with the iPod.


Alex Garland (28 Days Later) is pegged to do the movie version of Halo 2. Ridley Scott was rumored before. [via greg.org]


Marcia Cross: not gay. And a good thread tracking the rumor.

Onion A/V: Interview with Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development. At the same time, bad news for the show.

Questions Frequently Asked About TiVo, Answered by Someone Who Loves TiVo Too Much. "Is TiVo male or female?"

NY Observer: The SNL Skit That Paris Hilton Wouldn't Do. What's she got against Joey Buttafuoco?

Cory at Lost Remote has some ideas on how to fix tv for our demographic. Includes ideas sampled from Fark, reality tv, and viral marketing.


Neal Stephenson in Reason.


A Yahoo Slideshow for a Lucien Freud painting (it's of a pregnant Kate Moss).


After its first profitable quarter ever, Dave Talbot is leaving Salon.

Paris Hilton is on the cover of Playboy, but her publicist says, "I don't even know where they got that photo." Is this a first for Playboy -- throwing a celeb on the cover without having pictures inside? The cover story -- "25 Sexiest Celebrites" -- seems like a shift toward a Maxim audience.


CityPages.com redesigned. What do I think? Well, let's just say I think they're under-playing what people want from a site like this: daily content. Too much "cover story think" for the wrong medium. Editor's note.

I guess MPLS Happy Hour wasn't enough -- we also got Thrifty Hipster.

Ross reports that The Current has started airing "Sounds Eclectic," the KCRW show which everyone cites as "what Minneapolis really needs."

Guess who's #1 on ESPN.com's Top 10 Overpaid Players? Spreeeeeeweelllll!

KARE11 did a long piece (5+ mins) on the power of blogs. They actually use the word "information superhighway" in the video.

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