feb 16

not a single word about the grammys or eason jordo


11 percent of America owns one.


Yahoo released a little new search tool called Y!Q (beta). The idea is that you do contextual (rather than keyword), inline (rather than new window) searching. I don't think this will take off (except maybe in automated cases, like "related links" on pages), but I like the idea. Interview with the creator.

I'm so going to blog hell. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


The director's cut of Donnie Darko came out on DVD yesterday.


Why stop now? Malcolm Gladwell interviewed in Nerve.com.

No one even noticed that Bill Clinton won a Grammy (his second).


Michael Wolff, who I actually like, goes a little crazy.

Mark Cuban: Political Bloggers - The New Paparazzi.

The first issue of Make is out.

Al Jazeera is hiring executive producers in D.C. for its English-language network. [via LR]


The first cool app to come out of TiVo opening the box to developers is an eBay client.

If you're one of those people who didn't understand the Buffy phenom until it was too late, then you should be watching Veronica Mars right now. It's the best show on TV that isn't Arrested Development. A couple stories: Veronica a Worthy Successor to Buffy (Philly Daily News) and Alyson Hannigan Talks About The Show.


I Have Political Enemies.


The much-anticipated LCD Soundsystem album came out yesterday.


I swore not to write a word about The Gates in Central Park, until Greg.org did some math on the $20 million price tag. Also: space image and flickr photos and saffron is so hot right now.


Design Observer (today in the form of Tom Vanderbilt) on band fonts -- or actually on the rise and fall of rock and roll graphic design.


Jenna Elfman: crazy Scientologist.


The Current's playlist on Valentine's Day (audio). See, I told you it was pretty good.

Rob Nelson and Terri Sutton do their entertaining side-by-side film views again -- this time on Inside Deep Throat. Meanwhile, a long look at the history of Clear Channel.

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