feb 18

best blog ever

Primo links today. Honest:


Someone finally posted the video from Wednesday night's Daily Show segment on blogs. Super excellent. (Chuck also has it.) See also: Daily Show Slash Fiction.

In addition to new instant messenger features, Friendster has added discussions, which have Craiglist-ish qualities. But ya gotta wonder: does anyone even notice or care anymore?

Friday Flash Fun: EndOfTheWorld.net.

Cool audio historical analysis of Wikipedia, with the Heavy Metal Umlaut as the subject.


I don't care what you say, I think it's weird that the New York Times bought About.com. I mean, imagine writing that headline five years ago.


From Errol Morris' Aborted Projects: Donald Trump on Citizen Kane. Friggin brilliant.


Beatallica (the Beatles-Metallica mashup) has been issued a cease-and-desist from Sony.

Ryan Adams has either lost his mind, or he's working a marketing angle in which you're supposed to think he has. His site now is just a big ball of worms -- literally. A couple of the worms make noise if you click them. A small area in the lower-right has a hidden link to a crazy recorded phone conversation between him and his label, which is probably staged.


NYT Circuits hangs out with the designers and developers of America's Army while they are in turn hanging out with the U.S. military.

Of all the features to make available in video games, it's actually surprising that it took so long to add pizza delivery.

Looks like it's worth checking out: This Is Not A Game: A Guide To Alternate Reality Games. First two chapters available for download.

Kotaku has a minor scoop on the Xbox 360°.


It's about time that the art world got its own reality tv show. Artstar is an unscripted television series about trying to make it big in the New York art world

Wall Street Journal story on digital art, with links to Mark Amerika, Mark Napier, and others.


I wonder if I should post the copy of the Michael Wolff speech that he demanded be removed from I Want Media. Does this remind anyone of, oh, say, Eason Jordan? And isn't he smart enough to realize that now everyone will seek out this speech? Or might he actually know that, hoping dumb bloggers like me give him more attention for a couple days? Oh, whatever, who cares, here it is. And that's the weird thing -- it's pretty good.


Slate.com: Which Celebrities Make The Best Wine?


Slate.com: An Intellectual History of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And The Superficial has some very NSFW pics of the supermodel on the cover before she was, um, super.


Hey FOX9, editorialize much?

Is anyone attending any of the Spark festival? I feel kinda bad for not going to a single event so far.

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