feb 21

bye bye, gonzo

Blogging might be light for a while, as this week marks the beginning of Rex's Pre-Spring World Tour. Over the next month, I'll be in San Fran (Feb. 21-23), NYC (Feb. 25-27), and Austin (March 12-20). Holler if you wanna hang.


How convenient! The Parent's Television Council keeps a gallery of what it considers the "Worst Clips Of The Week." In other words, the best tv of the week.

TV Sked: When is Law & Order on? Answer: pretty much always.

Anderson Cooper becomes a tough guy when interviewing Jeff Gannon.


Hunter S. Thompson killed himself.

Microsoft: A parent's primer to computer slang. Can you say grungegate?


In a story ready-made for every site in the Denton network, Paris Hilton's phone was hacked, revealing naughty cam pics of her making out with Nicole Lenz and a gigantic address book of celebs, including Anna Kournikova, Vin Diesel, Victoria Gotti, Stephen King, Usher, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsey Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Lil John, Seth Green, Eminem, Russell Simmons, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Pat O'Brien, Fred Durst, and countless other strange aliases. Don't bother calling though -- no one's answering.


The video to the Charlie Rose special that featured bloggers.

The godfather of blogging, Justin Hall, stops updating his site and SF Chron writes about it. Includes mentions of other bloggers who have quit, including Andrew Sullivan, Peter Merholz, and William Gibson.

Gothamist interviews Best Week Ever's Jessi Klein.


Wikipod, a wiki for iPods.


Devastating. Dolce and Gabbana have split up.


Huh, they're letting David Duchovny direct: House of D trailer.


Guardian: 10 Greatest Rock 'n Roll Myths.

Performance video of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up."


The New York Times continues its fascination with all-things-North-Dakotan with a story that mixes Grand Forks fishing and podcasting.

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