feb 25


Back from San Fran, here are some pics from the Wired Rave Awards party. My posse included Alexis, Maud, John (of Dogster), and Robin (of INdTV). Talked to a few people, including Xeni Jardin and Kevin Sites. Now I'm off to NYC, but first, today's links:


Wonkette on Howard Stern in Wired.

MSNBC.com's "Big Picture" for the Academy Awards is always pretty cool.

Vimeo, "a site for organizing and sharing your video clips." In other words, a video Flickr -- it even includes tags.

Panels for SXSW Interactive have been announced.

So Meg and Jason broke up. And Justin quit. And now Jorn is back? Slow down, internet.


How did Paris' Sidekick get hacked? Actually, it was cracked -- by using her pet's name as a password reminder. Brilliant.

Absolutely everything you wanted to know about George W. Bush's media/culture consumption, from what's on his iPod to his awareness of John Stewart and The Fockers.


Reuters is reporting that Apple might buy TiVo. I knew I should've bought stock when it was under $4.

Rumor that Yahoo is buying Flickr.


Video to LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk is Playing at my House." Excellent.

Beatallica.org shut down.

SXSW music schedule announced. 1300 bands in five days... how many will I even remember?


Trailer to A Scanner Darkly. Looks like another Linklater smash.

Google adds a new category (sorta): Movies.


When Multimedia was Black & White.

Macromedia gallery of Flash Apps on Mobile Devices.


Dave Eggers interviewed in Onion A/V.

The first page of DeLillo's White Noise annotated.


Rappers and Bloggers, seperated at birth.

Slate.com has started a column called Today's Blogs, similar to the Today's Papers concept. Dumb thing: no permanent index page to link to or bookmark.


New t-shirt: paris made me change my number.

New blog: Purseuing, "a blog obsessively covering purses, bags, totes, clutches, and just about anything else you can carry on your shoulder." (See previously: Wrist Fashion.)


Did you see the detailed piece that Pitchfork did on The Current? Good stuff, including some speculation that the model could spread.

State Of Minnesota Too Polite To Ask For Federal Funding.

Diablo Cody -- yes, she of the defunct Pussy Ranch -- is the new associate arts editor at City Pages. She brought back the blog.

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