sep 7

Buddha Is Back

That Buddha:

What's up with the buddha? Some answers:

 Adam from Oklahoma speculates Buddha is "holding the balls of his vanquished Taliban foes."

 Simon just wants to touch it.

 Jesse from Madison thinks Buddha is celebrating a win at bocce ball.

 TJ, who is somewhat Buddhistic himself, says Buddha is so cheerful because he's holding up the heavens (the sphere in his hands being the sun and the moon).

 Kevin proclaims: "Hotei, or the 'laughing Buddha,' is a symbol of happiness/prosperity/general contentment. This is mainly conveyed through his huge belly, which is usually rubbed for luck. But he's also usually represented with some kind of precious object, too. In this case, probably pearls, which no doubt also do double-duty as signs of wisdom."

There ya have it.

Other Miscellaneous:

 Part III of that New York Times privacy series.

 Everyone else is linking to this Fay Weldon fiasco, so I should too. In short, Weldon has taken sponsorship money to drop references of Bulgari, an Italian jewelry company, in her most recent novel, The Bulgari Connection.

 Mildly interesting: Disney and Murdoch are in cahoots for on-demand video.

 Hey! The internet isn't the only place you can plaster annoying advertisements that proclaim "interactivity!" Wahoo! is hitting television.

 I've made many many dumb javascript calculators in my life, but none are nearly as idiotically fun as this: Dew Death Calculator. It would take 210 cans of Mountain Dew to kill me.

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