mar 2

lots local

LIFESTYLE asks Which Condom Is Best?


Yahoo is 10 years old today. A 10-Year Netrospective. They're giving away ice cream.


No! It looks like NYT is cancelling Circuits [second item], the Thursday tech section. Actually, the section, which used to be a must-read, has been on the slow downward slide toward irrelevance for the past year.

AIM At Work allows you to synch your AIM Buddy List with Outlook.


NYT has more on the reality tv show about the art world mentioned here a couple weeks ago.


WSJ reports that Green Cine Daily (which is one of my favorite blogs) "sparked a 20-fold rise in hits" for Green Cine (the rent-by-mail DVD service). See also: Netflix' corporate blogger, The Rocchi Report.

More ridiculous trailer premieres: Star Wars Trailer to Premiere On The O.C..


Slate loves that "All about the 'O'" commercial from


Some new ones at Non-Zero Change. I like "I'm Somebody's Fetish" and "I'm Not Your Damn Search Engine".


Forrester Memo to Steve Jobs: Buy TiVo.


Dylan Hicks does a great job on a suite of stories about 89.3 The Current in CP. Paul Demko talks about the successes (sometimes forced) of the station, Diablo Cody looks at the personalities behind the station, and Dylan critiques the whiteness of the programming. Have you noticed that everyone is talking about radio lately?

I completely missed the story about a screenwriter who took out an advert in City Pages to contact Josh Hartnett about his screenplay. I almost hate to tell the guy that Josh regularly gets orange juice at my neighorhood coffeeshop.

You a nerd? Then MarsCon, which is going on this weekend, is probably for you.

A friend of mine from college has published her book about the Grand Forks disaster of 1997, where I lost my apartment and everything else in a flood and fire. (Previously: Ashley Shelby's book, where I'm a prominent "character.")

I haven't made it over to Creative Electric for the new poster show with Squad19 (CP story), but it looks like Minneapolis has another great design collective to add to the list.

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