mar 6


In the 5+ years that I've been doing this site, I've never run advertising or asked for donations. I'm not quitting my day job or anything that ambitious, but if you feel like dropping me a few dollars of appreciation, you can do so through PayPal or Amazon. That's the beginning and end of this pledge drive.


Oh boy, you simply gotta hear Usher's new single, "Dot Com". "Oh, I love the way you dirty type. Oh, I need your back space in my life.... Oh baby, if you log on, I'll make you dot com... I can't wait to give you megabytes. I got all the memory you need." I would call this a hoax if it weren't on AOL. This is so bad it's post-bad.

Long NYT Mag profile of Beck, which is somewhat boring until half-way through when he starts talking about Scientology and his posse -- he's married to Marissa Ribisi (Giovanni's sister) and hangs with Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci (who contributed a Japanese-inflected line on the song "Hell Yes").

Mike Skinner talks to the Guardian about starting a label.

Axl is the cover story of the Sunday NYT Arts section.


Fred Durst sues Gawker . (And I can't even think of anything snarky to say. Well, except maybe a pun about having a Limp Bizkit.) See previously: Felix Salmon thought Gawker jumped the shark.

Google adds weather search. Brr, it's cold again this week.

What Happens to Your Online Self When You Die?


NYT previews what the Fox vs. CNBC match will look like.

Exactly 48 hours ago, I was having a beer with Chuck Olsen and he told me about Plum TV (a new tv network for rich people), and I thought, "This would be a good story to pitch to the New York Times." Then the Sunday paper showed up.

Profile of the Korean animation studio that produces The Simpson's.


McSweeney's: "Who's On First" at the video story.

NYT: Is a Cinema Studies Degree the New M.B.A.? Short Film Competition.


Issue #2 of Work mag is out.


It looks like Michael Musto is outting Anderson Cooper.

Dan Rather historical interactive at

Kurt Andersen on the state of journalism in the age of bloggers.

Interview with Craig "Craigslist" Newmark where he talks about getting into citizen journalism.


For New Yorkers, Moving Image Exibition on Digital Play; for San Franciscoans, Start SOMA Video Game Art Show.

Online Iron Chef game.


All of Mediabistro's interviews in the Design Spotlight series.


We've got a local girl on the next America's Next Top Supermodel. ("Favorite movie: Snatch. Favorite TV Show: Poker Championship." Grrrowl.) Anyone know her?

The Current launches an events calendar.

The local right-wing bloggers are officially scaring me. I can already hear the echo chamber that is

The Rake asks: Will Time Out come to the Twin Cities? (No.)

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