mar 8



That Out profile of Anderson Cooper.

Oddly fascinating blog of screengrabs of people blinking on TV: Blink O Rama.


Official note about killing NYT Circuits.

In Dot-Con Job, the Seattle Times dissects the lies behind, which calls "perhaps the most amazing piece of business journalism to come out in years."


Hot girl is the face of democracy in the middle east -- at least on American magazines.

ONLINE CEO on why NYT spent $410 million to buy the company.

Wonkette dolls.

WASAW (Writers And Artists Snack At Work) is a good spot for junk food reviews. The delish Take 5 (9.3 rating) just showed up at the vending machine at work.


Bono as World Bank Pres?

Get your Google buttons ready... Femminem is a Bosnian trio.

Futureheads video.


I'm not sure what to make of Blogologue, "a live web browsing sketch comedy multi-media stage experience" (in other words, a play) at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Looks like there are two geek conferences coming to Minneapolis in June: Podcasting World (for Podcasters) and Flashbelt (for Flash developers). And of course there's CONvergence in July.

Popular goals of people in Minneapolis (according to 43 Things). #11: Live in Canada.

Hey look, a Melodious Owl video, directed by Chuck Statler.

CP has a bit of breaking news about the Star Tribune hiring a conservative columnist.

Oooo, music critic fight! (or the closest we come to it), in which The Rake takes issue with Dylan Hicks' review of Kings of Leon in City Pages. And Reimenschneider's name is evoked for some reason or another.

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